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We’re excited to offer this leadership development Fellowship experience for current and aspiring Jewish leaders.

The Program is guided by three main explorations.

Focus on personal and professional development

Sessions are guided by what we need to know about ourselves to succeed professionally, as a leader, and as a member of the global Jewish community.

Meet Joseph Vogel

Joseph is a graduate student at Harvard Kennedy pursuing his degree in public policy while running a free tutoring program aimed at helping at-home learners during the pandemic. He has always been involved in Jewish life - Jewish day school, BBYO, Hillel/Chabad - and continues to seek opportunities to stay connected to the community. When faced with challenges or choices, Joseph relies on his Jewish values to problem-solve and guide his decision-making. His long-term goal is to pursue a career in politics.

Focuses on communal leadership

An exploration of how we connect with one another and what it means to be Jewish in an ever-changing landscape.

Meet Samantha Pear

Samantha currently works as a case investigator at the CDC foundation (the CDC’s nonprofit sector) in Arizona and is applying to get her master’s in public health. She has a profound interest in storytelling - learning about her community and Judaism through the experiences of those around her. She is passionate about service, having a voice, and pursuing growth opportunities in order to leave a positive mark on the world.

Focus on taking action.

An exploration of how we can make a meaningful change in our communities and the world at large.

Meet Jeff Singer

Jeff was inspired by Changemakers to pursue another fellowship opportunity in Boston working with About Fresh to address food insecurity and inaccessibility. He is currently applying to graduate programs in psychology with a desire to bring mental health services to underserved communities. He is focused on providing spaces for people to talk as much as they listen in order to really learn from each other and is driven to affect positive change in his community.

Exciting, right? Now for the details.

Here's what you need to know about the upcoming sessions.

Session Dates:

Applications open now:
Spring 2023 | May 15- June 30 | Applications Close May 1,2023
Time Commitment: 1 -2 Hours Live Virtual & 2-3 hours Independent Study per week for seven weeks.

Applications opening soon:
Fall 2023 | October 9 - November 17

Fellowship Details:

The Fellowship includes, actively participating in:
- Plenaries (6 session)
- Cohorts (5 group and one 0ne-on-one)
- Independent Study (9 Modules and 9 Applied Learning Activities)


Spring 2023 Dates and Times

Learning from top speakers alongside hundreds of peers across North America
Tuesday, May 16 | Tuesday, May 23 | Tuesday, May 30 | Tuesday, June 6 | Tuesday, June 13 | Tuesday, June 20 | Tuesday, June 27
11:00 AM PT/2:00 PM ET


Small, guided group live Zoom sessions.
Times vary.

The Spring 2023 session offers a unique opportunity to select a cohort in your area of interest, professional or identity. We understand people have multiple identities, please select the cohort option that you would like to focus on.

Select from: (all times are ET – participants select one time | 45 Min.):

Wed. 8 PM ET or Thurs. 2 PM ET

Wed. 8 PM ET or Thurs. 2 PM ET

Wed. 8 PM ET or Thurs. 2 PM ET

Health Care
Wed. 8 PM ET or Thurs. 2 PM ET

Real Estate (Commercial/Developer/Residential)
Wed. 8 PM ET or Thurs. 2 PM ET

RSJ (Russian Speaking Jew and Russian culture/heritage)
Wed. 8 PM ET

Tues. Post-Plenary 3 PM ET | Wed. 8 PM ET | Thurs. 2 PM ET | Fri. 12 PM ET

Independent Study

Connect and learn on our virtual platform and through applied learning.

2-3 hour per week.

Affinity Spaces

Optional spaces to connect with indiividuals with shared affinity.

Please email [email protected] to see about adding an affinity space.

Fellowship Application Process

Step 1 Complete Application Deadline: April 14, 2023
Step 2 Application Reviewed On a rolling basis
Step 3 Onboarding Session If your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to attend one of our onboarding sessions
Step 4 Confirm Acceptance Please confirm your acceptance by April 17, 2023
Step 5 Portal and Code of Conduct Create your portal log in and sign the Code of Conduct by April 26, 2023
Step 6 Fellowship Kickoff May 1, 2023 @ 2:00 PM Eastern
Step 7 Active Participation May 1 – June 12, 2023
Actively participate in weekly Plenaries, Cohorts and Independent Studies
Step 8 Join a Network Upon completion of the program join a National network of incredible Changemakers!

And don’t forget once you complete your Changemaker Fellowship, in addition to all you’ve learned and the connections you’ve made, you’ll receive a $350 stipend. What’s not to like about that?